Anay Mehrotra
Anay Mehrotra

I am a fourth-year Computer Science Ph.D. student at Yale University, where I am very fortunate to be advised by Amin Karbasi and Manolis Zampetakis.

I study machine learning algorithms in contexts where they interact with humans, data pipelines, and other algorithms, and all of these components can be corrupted due to societal biases, (structured) errors, and adversarial manipulations.

My work designs algorithms with desirable properties (like robustness, fairness, and efficiency) and analyzes existing algorithms for their susceptibility to adversarial manipulation.

Apart from Yale, I have also worked (or am working) on algorithms and machine learning at Microsoft Research, EPFL, Two Sigma, Robust Intelligence, Hudson River Trading, and IIT Kanpur.

At IIT Kanpur, I received the Sri Binay Kumar Sinha Award for the best undergraduate project addressing a societal problem and represented IIT Kanpur at the ICPC World Final.